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Software - Pantogram Software

Designer Series - Professional Embroidery Software


Sew Easy - Level 1Our Level 1 Embroidery Software gives you all the essentials you need to get started. It's "Sew Easy" to read and write all the popular machine languages, add lettering, and save your work in a database library for quick retrieval.

Editing - Level 2Level 2 Embroidery Software gives you Sew Easy plus professional Editing. You will love Level 2's many great features. Cut, copy, paste, scale, convert stitches and so much more are part of this very powerful package.

Digitizing - Level 2 PlusLevel 2 Plus Embroidery Software takes your creativity to the next level by adding effortless Digitizing. Combined with our professional editing package, you have all the right tools to create designs from images.


Advanced Digitizing - Level 3Move up to Advanced Digitizing with Designer Series Level 3 Embroidery Software. You will find a profusion of time saving and fine detail features to make creating the most sophisticated designs
easier than ever before.

Proline - Level 4Maximize your creativity with Level 4 Embroidery Software, our foremost digitizing package. With ProLine, you can create custom masterpieces using your own unique stitches, patterns and even inventing any lettering style you can imagine.

PatchMaster"PatchMaster" gives you a truly versatile production software for embroidering custom logo and name patches for work wear and uniforms.
" Operation Name Drop" greatly reduces the
number of steps needed for repeated name drops.