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Software - Expert Stitch Manager


You here from manufacturers about, “Labour saving devices” and “Built in auto threaders” to save time and money well here’s the ultimate.

Imagine having a database of over 1,000,000 stock designs, then your next customer comes in and needs 50 embroideries of design number 56487. Conventionally you would open the design onto your screen, find the relevant job sheet from a file and send the design to the machine. The next process is to check which threads are on which needles and program the colour sequence, set the hoop and start.

Imagine another way!


Your customer comes and places the same order. You open the design on screen, press send, set the hoop and start.

ESM3 gives you exactly this, all the colours are set in the software and when a design is transferred to the machine the software knows where the colours are and automatically sets the sewing sequence, sounds too good to be true doesn’t it!!

ESM3 also turns your PC screen into an automat; this shows you the designs during stitching and gives you all the telemetry information for the design (as used in Formula 1), information like running speed and exact time to complete the logo.

Ever wanted a bigger colour monitor on your machine, we use 20 inch LCD!


Download the program free and give it a try, you’ll be amazed.

ESM 3.zip ESM 3 Instruction Manual.pdf

Software can now be set up with wireless connection.
Contact us now for further information, 01274 775502.