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Support - Initializing the Memory Through the Service Mode

Sometimes it is necessary to initialize the embroidery machine's memory by putting it into the Service Mode. Initializing through the Service Mode not only clears out all job numbers but also any F1 functions. Basically, the machine is reset with the factory settings.

There are several steps to follow:

  1. Turn the embroidery machine off.

  2. Locate the removable cover on the right side of the control panel and pull back to reveal two banks of dip switches.
  1. Turn the #1 dipswitch in the bottom set to the On position.

  2. Turn the embroidery machine on and push the SET button three times.

  3. Once the control panel reads Input through PC, turn the machine off.

  4. Turn the #1 dipswitch in the bottom set to the Off position, and then turn the machine back on.

  5. Don't forget to reset any F1 features, such as Satin Adjust