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Support - ESP9100 NET Machine Operating System Update

A. To verify the current Machine Operating System:

  Place machine in test mode:

  • On right side of control panel place DSW1-1 in on position
  • Turn machine ON in 'Test Mode.'
  • Press SET
  • Make note of your current machine specs

B. To download the newest Operating System version 2.1 :

ESP V2_1.zip Upgrade Instructions.doc

Note: These design downloads are in a zipped format. If you do not have a copy of WinZip to unzip this file, you may visit www.WinZip.com to download an evaluation version.

  To download file:

  • Make a folder on your computer's hard drive (such as C:\opersys)
  • Save the file to the new folder
  • Double-click to unzip the file
  • Place a thumb (or flash) drive in your computer's USB port
  • Once unzipped save the three files to your USB port
  • Once completed, remove the thumb drive and follow steps below

C. To update the Operating System:

  Step 1: Detach the switch cover by loosening the screw.

  Step 2: Place switches:
   DSW1-1 on. DSW2-1 on.

  Step 3: Set the program disk.

  • Place the thumb drive in the embroidery machine's USB port.

  Step 4: Turn ON the power switch at the power supply box.

  Step 5: Select the program to be installed.

  • Press the Right Arrow, followed by the Down Arrow. Repeat pressing the Right Arrow, followed by the Down Arrow 2 additional times (3 times total). The word "INSTALL" should appear next to "MAIN", "XY", and "PANEL".

  Step 6: Verify current specs.

After update to version 2.1 is complete, your current specs should be:








  Step 7: Complete installation.

  • Press Set
  • After install is complete (confirm "Install Complete" on display), power off machine, return all DIP switches to off and remove the thumb drive.