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Expert ESP 9100 NET
Expert Machines  

The all new Expert ESP9100 Net provides maximum versatility for embriodery applications. Names, corporate logos or designs can be rapidly embroidered on shirts, caps, gloves and more... everything a successful business needs today.


The Expert ESP9100 Net can be configured to fit your production demands and office space availability. The units can be placed together or separate for the best fit in any environment.


Networked modular machines offer greater production speeds (up to 1200 stitches per minute) and more flexibility than traditional multi-head embroidery machines. Allowing you to embroider different jobs at the same time or mass production of one job, saving your company valuable scheduling resources. Also during machine operation when one embroidery head stops, the others keep going, unlike traditional multi-head systems.

  • Start with one or two units and add units as your business grows.
  • Connect modular machines to computer wirelessly through LAN or with USB or serial port.
  • Run different types of jobs at the same time with multiple modular units


Specialty niche embroidery is the key to success in the UK market. Take advantage of the network and modular capabilities of the Expert ESP9100 Net embroidery machine by adding units based on your production needs.

The Expert ESP9100 Net is portable enough to go anywhere. Take it to fairs, rodeos, car & boat shows or your favorite market. You have unlimited business applications with the Expert ESP9100 Net.


  • Commercial Embroidery Equipment
  • 15 Needle Automatic Color Change Embroidery Machine
  • "FAST CHANGE" 270 Degrees Cap Frame Kit - 2 Cap Hoops, Gauge, Driver
  • Fully-Loaded Easy-to-Use Control Panel
  • Expert Series Stitch Manager Networking Software
  • Network Ready – Network up to 48 units together – “Modular Multi-Head”
  • Wireless Technology – enhances production and efficiency and flexibility
  • Three Ways to Connect – USB, LAN and Serial Port
  • Versatile, Modular, Smart
  • Quiet Operation – Very Low Vibration and High Precision
  • Ergonomically Designed and Safe to Operate
  • Optional Equipment – X – Panta (15 inches by 40 inches sew field, Border Frame (15 inches by 20 inches sew field), Patch Master Patch System
  • Optional Equipment – Cylindrical Arm Kit, Boring Kit, Cording Kit, Carpet Master, Oversized Table Option